FATA Automation, Inc.’s (FATA’s) automated car parks, also known as robotic parking systems or garages, automate the storage, or parking, of vehicles with no human intervention. From a driver’s perspective they simply park their vehicles in a parking module, somewhat similar to pulling into a single garage, and are guided to the correct parking position by sensors via a display sign. The drivers switch off their engines, all vehicle occupants leave the parking module, and the parking module door is closed to secure the module. Once the module is secured the vehicle is removed from the parking module and stored. When drivers return and request their vehicles, their vehicles are returned to a parking module, usually facing the correct direction, ready to be driven away.

Since there is no requirement for ramps, driveways and personnel access to the parking areas, FATA automated car parks can typically park twice the number of vehicles in the same volume as conventional car parks. Or, conversely, park the same number of vehicles in half the volume.

Some of the potential advantages of FATA automated car parks over conventional car parks are:

  • Reduced construction costs through less excavation, air rights saving and less construction time
  • Reduced operating costs through accelerated depreciation, lower ventilation and lighting requirements, lower operator costs and reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced land cost due to smaller footprint
  • Added value from the space gained providing more leasable or sellable real estate
  • Improved entitlements for developers
  • More LEED points available
  • Safe and secure parking for drivers and their vehicles
  • Less CO2 emissions and more green spaces
  • All car park spaces can be ADA compliant